Meet Dr. Ford

Rebecca Ford, ND

Rebecca Ford, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

I’m Dr. Rebecca Ford, a licensed naturopathic doctor, a IFM Certified Practitioner, a clinical nutritionist and a registered nurse. I have spent a lifetime exploring different detox and cleansing strategies, researching and trying the latest “miracle detox”. I have spent years analyzing the science of why we become toxic, how it effects our health, and more importantly, how we can safely, effectively, and efficiently cleanse our bodies of the toxic burden we all carry. Over the years, I developed a strategy that works and have hundreds of happy clients that have successfully completed my cleanses as a first step to restoring their health and vitality. Many of them have told me that I need to share these “secrets” with the general public...I agree. To that end, I have created “Dr. Ford’s Ultimate Cleanse, an online experience for people that are serious about taking that first step toward getting healthy once and for all. I’ve taken the confusion, hype, and mystery out of the process of cleansing and created a simple, effective, step-by-step plan. To find out more about my premium services, please visit

Which Cleanse Is Right For YOU?

These specialized cleanses will help get you on the path to feeling your best!

Dr. Ford's Ultimate Inflammation Cleanse

10 Day Option

Shrink the Swelling and Put Out the Fire of Inflammation!
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Dr. Ford's Ultimate Gut Cleanse

10 Day Option

Blast the Bloat and Build a Healthy Microbiome!
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Dr. Ford's Ultimate Hormone Cleanse

10 Day Option

Transform Your Hormonal Balance and Feel Your Energy Soar!
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Dr. Ford's Ultimate Cleanse with Friends

28 Day Option

Not sure what kind of cleanse you need to do? Looking for a total body cleanse? More of a group support person? Then Dr. Ford’s 28 Day Ultimate Cleanse is for you!
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The "Ask Dr. Ford" Ultimate Cleanse Experience

Want to be part of a live Q&A session with Dr. Ford to get answers to your questions? Then the Ask Dr. Ford Ultimate Cleanse Experience is for you! Don't miss your chance to be apart of this exclusive group!

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